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80% of businesses fail within the first five years because of lack of capital
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150 Lenders Providing Funding to U.S. Business Start-Ups

Our Mission

To assist businesses across the United States by providing simple and quick access to business credit lines. We are New Business Funders. We provide access to funding to the small business owner who may not otherwise obtain it. We don’t make money unless you get your business funded.


Our technology platform, the core value of what we offer our clients is in our underwriting platform and quick application process, combined to create a simple financing solution as we work with you in the comfort of your own home or office.


Our business savvy staff, who are the key to our success in understanding your needs. From the first quote to funding, we are there to walk you through the process and guide you through your options in finding a solution that works for you. Our people take the time to understand your business goals and how financing can help you achieve them. We are here to support your company through its growth projects each step of the way.

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What our customers say

We help businesses just like yours get the funding they need

“I had a very small window to buy a restaurant that had incredible potential. The seller needed his money upfront so I made stretch and paid for the property. At that point I needed operating capital in a hurry to buy inventory, regular food supply and marketing. What I needed was revolving credit! I called NBF and spoke to Troy. He walked me through the path and assured me it would get done. It got done and I am thankful to have a funding partner now going forward.”

Robert Desilva | Cevichela Latin Street Food

“As a Real Estate investor I am always on the look outdoor additional Capital ignored to capture opportunities. I responded to an advertisement on Craigslist from NBF. Skeptical at first, I called and learned about the proposed Zero Percent interest start up money program.

It seemed too good to be true but I had nothing to lose so I submitted my Credit Report from Credit Karma. NBF quickly provided a response with a pre qualification letter. I received $30,00 in working Capital inside the promised time-frame by NBF.

I only need what I needed but what I needed was important. i got it from NBF and I recommend clearly that if you need capital and you can’t get it anywhere else, NBF is the place to go with. If I had known about NBF​ 10 years ago I would have achieved even more than I have today.”

Stephen DiMaria | Connecticut

“I needed to refinance out of a bad loan and provide my company with start up capital. The loan I was involved with was effecting my ability to acquire proper business credit lines.This was a learning process and I took guidance from Russell and Troy at NBF to get through it. I trusted in their advice and followed instructions. I was able to obtain $45,000 and now I am working on the next level with NBF for another round.”

Stephany Yarbrough | Institute of Women's Enlightenment

“We initially called NBF in response to an ad we saw on the internet .We have a revolutionary concept for providing whole food natural food for pets.We are quite passionate transforming the pet health industry so without a doubt we needed capital to get to the next level.

We contacted NBF with great hopes to obtain this objective. Its nice to fulfill have our expectation with a program that meets our needs. I fully endorse anyone looking for start up capital.We were fortunate to obtain $40K in funding for our business and we are looking to make an impact the industry.”

Ken & Wendy Tanner | Bon Vivant

“I am impressed and positively surprised with New Business Funders Performance. NBF supplied me a Pre Qualification letter. I filled out my application and 10 Business days thereafter I received six figures in revolving credit at ZERO percent interest! I am a very happy camper. NBF under promised and over delivered. I highly recommend them if you are looking for genuine good old fashioned service.”

Todd Fowler | Commercial Hydrogen

“I have never required funding for a business prior to this one as I have always cash flowed. I wanted to grow and didn’t need a ton of cash but I wanted to scale my growth and tap into new markets. I went to NBF to learn how I could raise some capital. without giving up equity. 3 weeks later I was funded with Zero Percent Interest Credit. I recommend them to everyone looking for capital.”

Dawn Crabtree | Mesa, AZ

“We have a family owned one of a kind Winery in California. After investing quite a bit of our personal capital to get the business positioned properly. We decided to try and get a couple of revolving credit lines for marketing, inventory and other monthly reoccurring expenses. Monica & Troy informed me of how I could get more capital if I paid down a card or two to a certain ratio. I did what they suggested and got over $75,000 in capital. We are happy Customers!”

Edward Stephens | Los Angeles, CA

“Upon the recommendation of a trusted friend, I submitted an application for unsecured revolving credit lines at zero percent interest. I honestly thought it was not possible but considering the upside of $65K and NO downside I applied.

To my pleasant surprise I received $65K in funding for my business in 5 days after the application was filed.Its what I requested and I am unusually surprised but this time I can say that I was very pleased to get everything I was promised.

They did not ask for collateral, tax returns or bank statements as I expected. Shocked but pleased I endorse and recommend this company if you are looking for capital.”

Richard McMillan | Phoenix, AZ

“I responded to an ad I saw in Craigslist because I needed a quick batch of start up capital to kick start the launch of our business. Unfortunately, I discovered errors on my credit report so I had to fix that first. Troy and Holly got the errors cleaned and I was funded 30 days later We now have hundreds of ATM machines installed and are growing at an unbelievable pace. Looking to do more business to facilitate our growth.. Here is a big thanks to New Business Funders!”

Sebatian Ponce

“I was referred to NBF and told that they were providing startup capital at ZERO percent interest. Naturally I thought there had to be a catch. Especially after hearing that they did NOT require Bank Statements, Tax Returns, or Collateral. I figured I had nothing to lose so I submitted my Credit Karma reports requested by NBF.

I was awarded $75K in revolving credit to ramp up my business. It was simple, easy and delivered as promised. Id recommend NBF o anyone looking for money to start up businesses, If you are looking for certainty and reliability during start up you are in the right place.

NBF delivers!”

Tom N. | Paradise Valley, AZ

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