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We are the start up capital experts. We have a network of over 150 lenders.

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Our passion is supporting new businesses and helping them thrive – with the capital funding necessary for success.

We guide you through the process of identifying opportunities for new business loans and preparing your business for successful funding. Our philosophy is that we make no money until your business is successfully funded using our groundbreaking program.

Many new businesses face an uphill battle these days simply due to one reason: they lack the working capital to really get their business off the ground and moving. It becomes even more difficult when traditional banks are turning you down. And since most people don’t have flawless credit, that can compound the challenge even more.

At New Business Funders, our one and only goal is to get you the funds you need. We guide you through our simple, proven process one step at a time. With our vast network of banks that are eager to lend your business money, we take the hassles out of getting funded. Your 700 FICO score is what we need. No bank statements, no tax returns, no business statements.


Troy Bohlke | CEO & Founder

Troy Bohlke | CEO & Founder

Let’s face it, everybody knows that it usually takes money to make money. Yet, as a start-up business with no revenues and sales, it can be very difficult to get up and running. You need start-up business financing, but you are not sure how you can even get it when banks have such strict standards and procedures in place.

Where do you go for money? Banks won’t lend you money without collateral, revenues, bank statements, tax returns or security of some sort. SBA Loans require even more than the banks.

What’s the Solution? Business Credit Lines. Your business must begin building credit sooner or later. It might as well be now while you need money to grow your business. By obtaining Business Credit Lines and utilizing New Business Funders vast network and support system, you can obtain several business credit lines simultaneously to obtain the most working capital as possible.


In fact, we help you package your business in the best possible way to get you funding using our proven system. We coach you. We guide you. We tell you exactly what you need to do to get funded. You won’t waste any time wondering what to do next.

Often, customers don’t qualify right initially. That’s OK. We can still help you get there. Sooner or later, your business is going to need money to grow. And your business is going to need to build credit for itself. It might as well be right now, for it won’t likely get any easier.

If you don’t have business credit, then get it. We will help you get there, regardless of your situation. We don’t make money unless you get funded.

About one-third of our clients bring on a partner with better credit to combine forces and get a higher number. About half of our customers undergo some sort of credit restoration. In fact, we can often remove huge tax liens, judgements, and inquiries using our proven process. These public records kill your FICO score. We know how to remove derogatory items on your report to improve your credit score and allow you to qualify for business funding.

We partner with you in the effort to get you in good standing so you can shine in the eyes of our lenders. We make no money until you are funded.


Contact us today to get started on funding your project and to find out how you can qualify for a new business line of credit and for new business loans in just a few steps!


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