Equipment Funding Now Available

New Business Funders is excited and pleased to announce the launch of our new Equipment Financing program.

Here’s the problem. If you’re a business owner who absolutely must have certain equipment to function as a business. You might be forced to part with needed liquidity for other essential purposes, such as insurance, office or warehouse rent, licenses and many other unexpected requirements that arise. Therefore, you must explore the potential of Equipment Financing, especially if you are starting a business with capital-intensive requirements to acquire essential equipment.

Business Equipment may be the biggest cost you have during your start up. If you are a trucker, construction company, Medical or Dental Equipment company, or require sophisticated, expensive software to run your company, then your business success is determined by this equipment. Avoid the trap of using up valuable cash or using credit cards to provide financing.

Equipment Finance is a smart move!

Business CreditInstead of exhausting ALL or most of your capital on expensive equipment that your business needs, you now have the option of financing it over time with manageable payments. Preserve your cash and your credit! As a start-up company, you need your cash and credit lines for your Operations, Inventory, Marketing, Employees, Vendors and Service Suppliers. Besides, you can even write off your payments as a capital expense.

New Business Funders can now help you fund any kind of equipment NEW or USED if it doesn’t float or fly. In fact, we can provide cash out lease-backs and refinancing for existing equipment that you may own. This will allow you to utilize this newly available cash for operations.

Types of Equipment that may be funded

*Computers *Software *Medical Equipment *Front End Loaders *Scrapers *Dump Trucks *Pick Up Trucks *Delivery *Back hoes *Fork Lifts *Semi Trucks *Trailers *Kitchen Equipment *Restaurant Equipment *Tools *Sewing Machines *Cars and much more…
Finance Business Equipment

How to Qualify?

You will need a minimum personal FICO score of 590, a first and last month payment and 1% of the overall cost as a down payment. We need a photo of the equipment, a quote from the manufacture, a link to E-bay or to a company website that exhibits the size, established price and warranty information about the equipment.


Finance Your Business Start UpYou are buying equipment for a total of $30,000. This will result in an estimated payment of $420.000 per mo. You make a down payment of your first and last payment for a total of $840.00 plus a 1% processing fee of $300.00. You would be up and running for approximately $870.00. Now, doesn’t that sound better than cutting a check for $30,000 or maxing out your credit cards?

How Long is the Loan

We offer 12-, 24-, 36- and 48-month terms. In some cases, we can go up to 60 months for bigger ticket items with strong credit.

What is the Interest Rate?

Interest rates start as low as 5.99% and can go up to 19% depending upon your FICO score and the type of equipment.

Note: The higher your FICO score the lower your interest rate. Refinancing requires an equipment of relevant value in the marketplace. There must be a precedence of previous value that can be demonstrated by a third party. New or unproven equipment inventions most likely not be financeable through our program.

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3 Mistakes To Avoid With Loans For Small Business Startup

If you are looking to get a new business off the ground and are seeking loans for small business startup, you are not alone by any means. Every day, thousands of would-be entrepreneurs just like you decide that it’s time to take things to next level and finally get their business going. Along the way, they also realize that they will require some funding to help them sustain operations. Before you just go and apply for the funding that you need, make sure you take notes on a few of the tips offered here first.

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4 Reasons Why Credit Lines Beat Business Loans To Start A New Business

If you find yourself with a new business but short on cash, it can be a stressful experience. Knowing that you have to suddenly obtain the funding that you need in order to continue operations is not something anybody wants to go through. In short, you have two popular options that you can consider, business credit lines or business loans to start a new business. Both are viable, but business credit lines offer you more wiggle room in the long run. We’ll help you better understand why by providing four plausible reasons.

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4 Tips On Getting Small Business Loans For Starting A Business

Getting your new business off the ground and running is an enormous undertaking. Most newer businesses require financing, perhaps the hardest part of the equation to meet. Looking to the larger banks for the small business loans for starting a business that you need is usually not going to pan out, unless you have an immaculate credit score, a strong income and at least a six-month to one-year business history. So what do you do and what are your options?

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5 Things You Need To Know About Loans For A Business Startup

If you have just started a new enterprise and are wondering about the process for loans for a business startup that you can consider, you likely have a lot of questions. You probably are wondering what type of rates that you would be offered (as bad credit interest rates can be steep, whereas good credit rates are fair), and what banks would even consider loaning money to you.

Naturally, you have a lot of questions and probably are stymied by the process and all of the red tape that banks have these days. The reality is that business loans are never have become exceedingly difficult to get during the present day, post the Great Recession, in particular, new business loans for businesses that do not have established credit or a transaction history.

But this does not mean that these loans not attainable. Nor does it mean that there are not alternatives that you can consider in lieu of them, such as more equitable business lines of credit that have more favorable interest rates and an easier application process.

Can You Get Approved

If you are seeking loans for a business startup, you have to bear in mind that the banks will weigh the risk of loaning you money. The truth is that most banks want to see at least a six-month history with your business. If you are a startup, it’s rather difficult to demonstrate this history. In such a case, you can still get a loan, but you will have to base it off your personal credit score instead.

Your Credit Rating

Make sure you check your credit rating before applying for any loans for a business startup. If your score is not a FICO of 700 or better, you could very well be denied or be subject to steep interest rates and lower borrowing limits. If your credit score is blemished, make sure you look into credit restoration first, so that you can improve your score and get better rates and more borrowing power.

Consider Business Credit Lines Instead

A plausible consideration that should not be overlooked are lucrative business credit lines as opposed to conventional loans. Credit lines can function in the same manner, and give you the ability to make the purchases and spends that you need with a better interest rate and typically more borrowing power and flexibility. But how do you get approved for these? Keep reading and find out!

Repair Credit & Get A Low Interest Business Line Of Credit

At New Business Funders, we have partnered with a large and growing network of banks to get your startup approved for the business lines of credit that you need to get your new entity off the ground and running. A FICO score of 700 or better gets you approved. We offer rapid credit restoration services, too, and can add an average of 50 points to your score in just 30-days. You can also apply jointly with your business partner to increase the odds of approval.

Get approved for the loan and line of credit you need today, from $10k to $250k the easy way. Call us at: 1-855-680-FICO (3426).

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Avoiding New Business Startup Loans: Why A Line Of Credit Makes More Sense

If you have been pursuing the American dream of someday owning and operating your very own business, only to see that dream crumble when you realize that bank after bank keeps telling you “NO” for the new business startup loans that you need, take solace in knowing that there are other options that are available to you that may be even more lucrative.

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When most people go to start a new business, the one thing that they worry about the most is funding that business. While it’s certainly helpful to have some of your own money invested in the business, often there are limitations on what you can afford to invest. The fewer funds you have, the more likely it is that your business will fail simply due to lack of the ability to fund your operations.

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It’s already hard enough to make it in the business world without having to worry about loans for small business owners with bad credit. But the reality is that many businesses fall short on the working capital that they need from time to time, even if the business is newer and has no established credit. If the business owner has bad credit, it can compound the issue, too. But there are some things that you can do to get approved a lot faster than you think. Just use these tips.

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Here’s How To Apply For A Startup Business Loan & Get Approved

Knowing how to apply for a startup business loan will help you avoid experiencing many common pitfalls and setbacks along the way that are tragically the result of poor planning, in many cases. The reality is that when applying for any bank loan, you want to have all of your ducks in a row. If you follow the simple tips that are offered here, you can be assured that you have the greatest chance of approval from the banks you are considering.

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Here’s How You Get Approved For Loans For Small Businesses With Bad Credit Through Effective Credit Restoration

The reality is that there are lots of good, hardworking people who are in bad credit situations. Many times, this can create a real road block when trying to get your new business venture off the ground and moving. The simple sad truth is that banks have a lot of layers of protection. They have created these huge amounts of red tape post the Great Recession to help prevent such a travesty from ever occurring again. So if you find yourself seeking loans for small businesses with bad credit, the hard reality is that the best method you can take is to actually repair your credit first.

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