3 Mistakes To Avoid With Loans For Small Business Startup

If you are looking to get a new business off the ground and are seeking loans for small business startup, you are not alone by any means. Every day, thousands of would-be entrepreneurs just like you decide that it’s time to take things to next level and finally get their business going. Along the way, they also realize that they will require some funding to help them sustain operations. Before you just go and apply for the funding that you need, make sure you take notes on a few of the tips offered here first.

Prepare Your Paperwork

Starting a new business is exciting, and also requires that you have your paperwork in order. Banks typically like to see a six-month history with any small business before they will consider funding it. But, it’s also possible to create an all-encompassing business plan that can help you motivate banks to lend you money. Bear in mind that in most cases, you will have to also use your personal credit score, as your business will not have an established sales transaction history, which is what many lenders use as the primary basis of their decision when establishing your business credit rating.

Know Your Credit Score

Since the majority of loans for small business startup require that you have a decent credit score, make sure that you are aware of what yours is. A simple and free check on a service like Credit Karma can provide sure insight. Make sure you have no blemishes on your credit and that you have a score that’s at least a FICO of 700 or better, the minimum lending score required, to increase your chances for approval. If you have dings on your credit, look to a credit restoration service so you can repair your rating before you apply for any loans.

Consider Other Borrowing Options

Getting loans for small business startup can be challenging due to banking regulations. But you do have options with business lines of credit, too. These are generally easier to get approved for and offer more lucrative terms. They also can save you money in the long run because you are only paying for the credit lines as you use them, as opposed to paying interest on the full loan amount that you would get from the bank from day one.

Consider A Business Line Of Credit

At New Business Funders, we help connect new businesses to the lines of credit that they need. Our proven process and growing network of lenders are here to help you. We base our approvals on a FICO score of 700 or better. If you have damaged credit, our specialists can help you restore it in just 30 days. Contact us today and get the business funding you need tomorrow!

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