3 Reasons Why A Business Line Of Credit Is Your Best Choice For Small Business Startup Financing

Congratulations on getting your new business plan in order. You join the ranks of thousands of entrepreneurial Americans who are just like you, who decide to get their own business going every day. But when it comes time to fund your operations, you may be scratching your head and wondering what you need do to secure the small business startup financing that you need.

Contrary to popular belief, small business loans are usually not the best option when seeking the funding you need for a new business. That’s because they require transaction records, established business credit, a proven track record, bank statements, tax returns and more. None of this is available to startups. So what do you do to get the funding you need?

Business Credit Lines

Instead of getting rejection after rejection from the big banks, look to the smaller network of lenders that are eager to get you approved for small business startup financing, found in the form of lucrative business lines of credit. These are based upon your personal FICO score and require a 700 score or better. They are offered with low or zero introductory interest fees, typically for the first year, with easy payments after that and low interest rates to follow.

Lower Interest Fees

Unlike a small business loan that charges you the interest rate on the whole amount from day one, a business credit line is more advantageous. You only pay interest on the amounts that you borrow. So instead of paying more on interest all of the time, you only have to pay interest on what you are borrowing, as you take it out of your business credit line.

Use The Funds For What You Need

You won’t have all sorts of restrictions with business credit lines, unlike loans. These credit lines can be used as you see fit for whatever you need. You won’t have to document your usage or write explanations to the bank. It’s a lot easier, with fewer headaches and far less red tape.

How To Get Approved

Getting approved for the business credit lines that you need is a lot easier than you think. Double check your credit score to assure you have a 700 FICO or better. If you do not, consider credit restoration or applying with a business partner who has a better score. Next, keep reading to find out how we can get you approved today. If you have dinged credit, don’t worry – we have a special system we use to restore credit quickly!

Get Started Today!

At New Business Funders, we get you approved lucrative business lines of credit fast! All you need is a 700 FICO score or better. There are no tax statements, automated payments, business plans or other mishmash required. And, if your credit is dinged, we can use our proven repair system to add 50 points in just 30 days.

Get approved for the loan and line of credit you need today, from $10k to $250k the easy way. Call us at: 1-855-680-FICO (3426).


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